6 Bewildering Facts About the State of Human Rights in the World

6 Bewildering Facts About the State of Human Rights in the World

The state of human rights in the world we live in is dire, to say the least. But what can we expect when half of the world’s population is ignorant of what is happening around them? Change can only begin with enlightenment, understanding and compassion.

Once we understand what our brothers and sisters, and the global community as a whole, has to endure, we can start to stand together. It is only together that we can rise, take a stand and make our voices be heard.

In this post, we share some bewildering facts about human rights around the globe that is sure to get your support on the matter.

Corruption is a Disease

Did you know that 62 out of 160 countries (a third) have arrested innocent people recently? The so-called perpetrators are referred to as ‘prisoners of conscience’. These people were simply exercising their basic human rights and were unjustly arrested.

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LGBTI Rights

Even though a lot of countries have accepted same-sex marriages and acknowledge the human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people, there are still a lot of countries that don’t. An estimated 78 countries have laws that discriminate against these couples.

Everyone Should Have Internet

Did you know that the United Nations declared in 2011 that access to the internet is a basic human right? While this documented and accepted, internet access in developing and underdeveloped countries are hard to come by.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Yes, this is an actual document drawn up by the United Nations. It covers everything related to human rights. It is also known as the document that has been translated the most in the world and is available in 370 languages.

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Child Labor is a Reality

Child labor is not a joke or something from our sordid distant past either. There are many countries which still implement this. In fact, a recent study has shown that there are currently an estimated 246 million child laborers in the world.

Human Trafficking

Did you know that human trafficking is one of the most serious human rights violations? It remains one of the biggest challenge human rights activists face. There are currently an estimated 27 million people being trafficked and enslaved in the world.

Censorship on Internet Usage

When taking into account that everyone has the right to access the internet, and the right to free speech, this is not the case in some countries. In some countries like China, internet activity is censored and people arrested because they were sharing human rights information on the web.

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There are many voiceless people in our world. Those who are being discriminated against for being who they are, those who are taken advantage of, and others for no reason at all but perhaps personal gain.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless when coming to face these horrific facts. The truth of the matter is that strength is in numbers, and the more people are aware of the unjust things happening in the world, the bigger chance we have to fight and stand up for those who cannot.